Antiscalant are used as pre-treatment for Reverse Osmosis systems and are highly effective in preventing membrane scaling. Kamadi Industrial Mart carries a large inventory of Antiscalants at competitive prices with technical support. Our design engineers can help you to determine the proper dosing for your application. Most products are in stocks for immediate shipment anywhere in Pakistan.

Flocon® antiscalants are highly effective in controlling the deposition of inorganic scale forming salts and particulate fouling on membrane surfaces. Flocon antiscalants such as Flocon® 135, Flocon® 190, Flocon® 260 and Flocon® Plus N have been created specifically to keep membrane surfaces free of scale over a wide range of water chemistries encountered in reverse osmosis systems.

BASF’s Sokalan® RO antiscalant range ensures high environmental standards without compromising on performance. Compatible with all major reverse osmosis membranes, Sokalan® RO antiscalants provide an excellent chemical pre-treatment that controls the scaling and fouling tendency of inorganic salts, metal hydroxides and colloids in reverse osmosis feed water.